Our history

This is the story of an encounter, a recognition.

This is the story of a network of women. The life course of these women was punctuated by losses, tears, joys, analysis, creativity and openness to the others.

This is the story of a support project, a transmission project, a transformation project.

This is the story of three creative worlds that fuse together: image, writing and language.

This is the story of multiple alliances.

This is the story of a dream: a world where the human condition will be recognized as a treasure to be preserved.

This is the story of a shared vision.

This is the story of a creative and educational community.

This is the story of a path to be traced.

It is the will to offer the world the creative power of open-minded women which are regenerative values leaders. A world where metaphors and symbols carry out their evocative power to communicate our experience.

Why the baobab?

The baobab is the palaver tree. He provides a shaded location where we can come together, meet and share things, tell stories, talk about ourselves. This is the place for the social link, the community meets there. He is the symbol of the life and is also known as a magical tree, a chemist tree, a tree of the « upside down ».

There are 250 species of baobabs in the world, living symbols of diversity.