Our photo-language images

The BAOBABLECARDS ®, sets of cards designed from pictures taken by Véronique Schermant.

These photo-language images and word sets are projective and metaphorical supports intended for guidance professionals: psychologists, psychotherapists, art therapists, trainers, facilitators, teachers, coaches…

They are used to facilitate speech in the field of business, education, medicine, associations and youth welfare and many other fields where the words promote exchanges and relationships.

Choose inspiring supports among our sets for giving a boost to your activities and meetings.

Take a step back and deal with changes
Tree of life
Tree becomes a metaphor of our identity
In the body of the tree
Open your eyes and tell stories
Doors and Windows
To question our inner openness’s and locks...
Keys and Keyholes
To question our inner openness’s and locks...
Chairs and Tables
To question my space and the space of the others
A thousand and one Paths
The path symbolizes our life course, either personal or professional
Faces of trees
These faces of the plant world symbolize our inner eyes.
Winter hearts
The heart symbolizes our best-kept secrets
As words go by
As words go by
Put words on our experience
Clarify our underlying motivations
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All pictures are taken in natural light. No rework, no cropping, no computer processing.
The pictures are available for sale in limited and numbered series.